Hungern gegen Wände H52 Min., Color, Beta 16:9, 2003 Schwitzerland
Director Yusuf Yesilöz
Script Yusuf Yesilöz
Photography Hansueli Schenkel, Urs Kohler.Heydere Hesen
Editing Dieter Gränicher
Sound Olivier Jean Richard


Fasting to Topple Walls

a film by Yusuf Yesilöz


Yesilöz casts an eye on Turkey's despicable record in its treatment of Kurdish prisoners since the 1980s. The filmmaker, himself briefly detained 1996 for the publication of Kurdish literature, interviews those who have suffered immeassurably more. One of the these, a former student activist, Cemal Miran, was arrested in 1980. Tortured on a daily basis, Miran went on a hunger strike in protest, like many prisoners did. He fell into coma, after which he has been disabled.

The Film follows him and others victims as they try to rebuild their lives. Shocking and eye-opening. Yesilöz draws due attention to the systematic mistreatment of political prisoners that still continues in a soon-to-be Euro member state.


Yusuf Yesilöz, born in 1964 in an Kurdish village in Central Anatolia, Turkey. 1987 Fled to Switzerland because of work in a publishing company. Since 1994 has translated Kurdish literature into German and set up his own publishing company, Ararat. Since 1998 hat written regular columns and essays for news papers. Since 2001 Columnist for the culture supplement of the Tages – Anzeiger. Author of various novels. 2001 Prix Litterarie Lipp for the French edition of "Reise in die Abenddämmerung". 2002 Honoured by the City of Zurich for his novel "Der Gast aus dem Ofenrohr". Roman: "Der Imam und die eselin, 2004


  • Internationale Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland, Jan 2004.
  • Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck, Austria, June 2004.
  • International Human Rights Film Festival, September 2004 Glasgow
  • Kurdish Film Festival Berlin, September 2004
  • Kurdish Film Festival Zürich, Oktober 2004
  • Kurdish Film Festival, London, Oktober 2004
  • TV
  • 3sat (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), ZDF (Germany) , SF 1 and SF2 (Switzerland)